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Lithgow Library Capital Campaign
Post Office Box 2456
Augusta, Maine 04338-2456

Board of the Friends of Lithgow Library
Amanda Bartlett, President About >
Scott Small, Treasurer
Melanie Baillargeon
Laura Benedict
Dennis Carrillo
Susan LaCasse
Raegan LaRochelle
David Madore
Betsy Pohl, Ex Officio
Roger Pomerleau About >
Jan Rollins About >
Jennifer Small
Patty TardiffCampaign Co-Chairs
Dr. Laurel Coleman About >
Charles “Wick” Johnson About >

Ovation Fundraising Counsel
Amy Anderson E-mail

Lithgow Library Board of Trustees
Scott Milewski, Chair
Dr. Laurel Coleman, About >
Joan Callahan
Diane Doyen
John Finnegan
Dr. Kathleen Petersen
Dr. Carol Saunders
Andrew Silsby About >
Elizabeth Pohl, Library Director
Keith R. Varner

City of Augusta
Lithgow Public Library
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    Lithgow Library

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    "An expanded Lithgow will provide impoved educational opportunities for all of us, and a better-educated citizenry is the key to a vibrant and healthy Augusta."

    ~ Susan C. LaCasse

  • Currently Raised Total: $2.3 Million

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Lithgow Library Capital Campaign
Lithgow Library Capital Campaign
Now is the time to preserve the heritage of our library while transforming it into a vibrant, modern community center dedicated to the cultural and intellectual enrichment of present and future generations.

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